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Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten 3

Focus on the learning process through Play & Learn. Organizing activities for children based on the child's psychology and nature, who already like to play by using techniques to integrate knowledge, skills and experience together. Allowing children to play, express themselves, sing, feel joyful and want to learn more to promote the development of physical, emotional (EQ), mental, social and intellectual (IQ) with full support, guidance and assistance from teachers in various fields, in order to benefit the children as much as possible.










Elementary Education   

Grade 1 - 6

- Emphasis in demonstration learning process hands-on along with academic knowledgen and covering all learning subjects according to educational standards.

- Encouraging students to find their full potential. 

- There is a tutoring exam during study time for the O-NET exam.

- Using technology to seek knowledge around you to benefit.

- Encouraging students to have emotional intelligence (EQ) to develop students to be good people, smart people, live happily in society.

- Giving the opportunity to express themselves freely ang sharing knowledge with others.

- Promoting creative thinking processes.

- Focusing on students to have moralits and ethics. 













Secondary Education

1. Lower Secondary Education (EP program opened in 2023)

2. Upper Secondary Education consists of 4 study plans, which are:

2.1 Science - Mathematics

2.2 Art - calculation

2.3 Arts - Chinese

2.4 Arts - French

- Encouraging students to increase their knowledge and specialized skills according to aptitude and interest.

- Encouraging students to have creative thinking skills knowing how to solve problems intelligently.

- Focusing on teaching life skills and learning from real experience.

- Focusing on teaching from leading tutors so that students are ready to enter higher education according to the intended direction.

- Use technology in the pursuit of knowledge.

- Focus on students to have morals, ethics and social responsibility.

- Promotes positive personality development.

- Develop advanced thinking skills and able to apply knowledge to be useful in further studies and career. 


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